Bianca has been a pure delight to work with and has been instrumental in granting a very special wish-of-a-lifetime for a wonderful young lady. We cannot thank Bianca enough for her time and effort she has put in, and we hope to one day work with her again.
— Stephanie Steer, Starlight
Bianca was fantastic from the moment of first contact and still to this day, her service is amazing as is her customer service skills and she certainly does stand out from the rest and that’s why I choose her 4 years ago, she isn’t just a hair extensionist, she becomes your friend and literally put you first. When I first met Bianca my hair was quite short and badly damaged due to it being bleached, I had my consultation with her and decided it would be better for me to have keratin tipped bonded extensions fitted as this would reduce any further breakage and help my hair to grow, before I left she gave me advice on how to prepare my hair for my extensions being fitted and I left feeling extremely happy. When it came to extension fitting day I was so happy and Bianca was extremely professional and made me feel welcome and comfortable, she showed me my hair and explained how she would be fitting it and kept checking I was comfortable throughout the whole process, at the end she styled my hair and explained all the aftercare routine and how long I would need to come back for to have maintenance. Afterwards over the space of a few weeks, I went from this person with extremely low self-esteem who had left a Domestic abuse relationship, who thought she didn’t deserve to be happy and have beautiful hair to a confident woman, I felt happy and after not working for 3 years, I went and got a job and started socialising more and although I would like to say it was because of the extensions, quite a big part was to do with Bianca. Bianca understood when I had to have my hair removed due to having some money problems and at no point did I feel Judge. And now even after all this time I was going to have a new install but unfortunately, I lost my brother but instead of being annoyed Bianca understood and said I could re arrange it for a later date. Many thanks
— Jemma Armstrong
Well .. hair it’s just hair isn’t it? But it’s a lie. I didn’t have hair for a year due to cancer I had no confidence, I was embarrassed it was like a horrible pain that didn’t go away yes I wore wigs but I still didn’t feel like Chloe. But November 2018 is when all the pain went away .. meeting Bianca changed me never met someone with so much passion to make someone feel sexy, beautiful and confident she gave me that. Even sitting there with 4 inches of hair she made me feel comfortable when she did the measurements and she sat and listened to my pain. Hair really does change someone whether it’s extensions or a whole transformation! Bianca nails it every time with skill and compassion. Especially with the integration system only her and someone in London do it so she need to win this award cause she’s one in a million. She doesn’t get enough credit.
— Chloe Smith
I first met Bianca back in 2014 when I contacted her to do my hair extensions. I was going through a hard time when I first met Bianca and I was very under confident. I went to Bianca house for my install and was made to feel at ease and at home very easily. Which leads me on, passing a lot of years. Bianca’s home is now like a second home to me. We have become friends along the way and I have become very close with her family, they all mean a lot to me. Still to this day not only does Bianca carry out my extension services, but she has also helped me build up my confidence and pushed me to do my course in extensions. I have been a hairdresser since the age of 16 so hair has always been a passion of mine. I love the complete change and confidence extensions can give a person. With Bianca’s knowledge and friendship through the years I have now been self-employed with my own mobile hair extension business for 4 years. Bianca and I plan to be able to work together in the future brining a unique colour service alongside get successful award winning virgin hair. I believe Bianca deserves this award not only as an obvious skilled hair extensionist and virgin hair supplier, but an amazing teacher, friend and motivator!
— Vicki Watson
Bianca came into my world around 3 years ago and changed my life. I hadn’t realised the extent of how bad my hair made me feel. I had shoulder length hair but the top was only 3-4” it had broke due to bleaching, the damage was so bad it broke on top causing my hair to have a mullet affect. Bianca’s Hair Extensions was recommended to me from a friend. I travelled a hour from Essex to Kent to see her. When I met her she made me feel like I could tell her how awful my hair made me feel and she was so reassuring and very friendly. I started with bonds and a hair topper which Bianca made especially to fit my head. It looked so natural and I cried when I first saw it, I remembered thinking why didn’t I do this sooner, I felt confident and sassy something is not felt in years. Now 3 years later my own hair has grown out on top to my shoulders and the rest shoulder blades, the condition is glossy and healthy. I wear Bianca’s La weave 300g without my topper as I don’t need it no more. The weave is low maintenance, easy to manage and looks amazing. I always get compliments on my hair which I love, my hair makes me smile and feel good. Bianca changed my life and I can’t praise her enough, not only changed my hair for the better but how I feel about myself. She’s an amazing lady who certainly knows her stuff, she’s helps you through step by step on ur journey. I’m now very honoured to call Bianca a very dear friend. Just want to say Thank u so much xxx
— Danielle Green
Hi Bianca, I just wanted to pop you an email after having my hair extensions with you recently. I have been having hair extensions for over 20 years now, since the days of artificial hair, and have subsequently tried every system as they were introduced on the market. My technicians ranged from top London salons to mobile operatives. I work in TV so have also had extensions installed by so-called celebrity stylists. I have had hair disasters and have been overjoyed with the results along the way, so I can safely say that I am most likely best qualified to review extensions based on my personal experiences. I moved to Kent and at the same time my technician declared that she was pregnant and not working for a while. I did have an issue with the bonds on my last set with her, after she changed supplier, but overall was very happy with my hair and had been for over a 6-year period. With the distance between us, the supplier change and now a long gap before she returned to work, I felt it was time to try and find someone else, and somebody closer. I went without hair extensions for nearly 5 months, which I hated! 20 years with luscious locks is hard to just put behind you overnight. I looked around me and so many people had really bad extensions and I resigned myself to the fact that perhaps Kent wasn’t the place to find a good technician! Then, by coincidence, somebody posted on a local Facebook page asking for hair extension recommendations. A few links were posted and I researched them all, but one stood out well above the others; yours! I bit the bullet and came for a consultation and am so glad I did. Your professionalism, product knowledge, client rapport make for the perfect combination. I thought I had found the best prior to finding you and only now realise how actually substandard they were. I used to have my hair cut into the extensions to blend them, hence needing them for 20 years as my hair never actually grew! Your blending is done with the colouring process and with the quality of hair, I can honestly say that everybody thinks my hair has grown and is natural. In addition to this, I am amazed with your maintenance system. By you removing, retreating and re-bonding the hair, I am actually having new hair and it feels brand new every time. It is only when you experience the very best that you actually come to realise that what you thought was the best was actually pretty substandard. I am so glad I found you and your hair and would not have any hesitation in recommending your work. A very happy customer!
— Debi Clark
I’ve had hair extensions with Bianca before and the hair is insane! Best extensions ever!
— Grace May
Best Extensionist in the world. Professional, friendly service and advice from someone extremely passionate and dedicated to her work. ★★★★★
— David Kedwell
Thank you for my amazing hair! It looks great and is such a good match to my natural colour. The extensions are so neat and I can’t see any of the joins. All my friends have commented how great they look. I would recommend anyone to have their hair done with you, very friendly and professional. X
— Laura Down
Bianca Long is the women to go to for all your hair extension needs. I have been having my hair mastered by her for nearly a year and I don’t know where I’d be without her. I have been 3 different colours so far. She is always happy to give me advise and give me the best service, from time to fit me in, to very cost effective price, she is warm and friendly and amazingly talented. Bianca is a master in her own right, she knows what suits and I always leave with the biggest grin on my face and a whoss in my long locks, I feel confident and sassy how every women should feel. Bianca my talented friend, you are never retiring ❤️ xxxx
I am writing to you in support of Bianca’s Hair Extensions and to give you a small glimpse into how this company has supported me. Firstly I suffer from alopecia and have next to no hair on the top of my head. The little I do have is incredibly thin. In 2016 I got engaged and couldn’t be more thrilled however the first thing to hit me was putting on the most beautiful bridal gown and feeling ugly, I didn’t have the beautiful hair you see in the magazines. I wouldn’t be able to choose from an up do or down. Not after I saw an advert for Bianca, and I walked past her house at least 4 times before having the confidence to knock on the door as I felt like the ugly duckling. When I had my first consultation I was supported in every way. Install day came and I couldn’t be more nervous but everything went perfectly until I got home. My tiny little travel hairdryer couldn’t cope with my beautiful long locks and my tiny hair brushes couldn’t cope and I soon realised I didn’t know how to manage this hair. I then went back to nuance every week for 2 months and she taught me how to wash, treat, blow dry and refit my hair. 2 years later and she’s still as good as new and ever has her own name (Vera). Bianca isn’t just hair for me she’s a dear and trusted friend who I would support through thick and thin. She’s given me my confidence back in so many ways that you don’t just get from hair. It takes great skill to master a profession but nobody can teach patience, manners and a whole load of support and this lady’s got the lot. Well done B and good luck xx
— Caroline Clark
I have been a client of Bianca’s for 15 months now. I went to see her after a really bad experience with another hair extensionist that absolutely ruined my own hair from a lack of care, expertise and professionalism. My hair was in such a bad way I thought it would be years before I could see the damage being reversed and I would feel good about my hair again. My self-confidence was really low and I struggled with being in large groups as I felt people judged me by my hair. This was not a state of mind conducive with my work as I have to spearhead my school and lead it with extreme confidence. From the very first moment I met Bianca she helped me to realise there were options available to me that would nurture my own hair back to good health whilst giving me a stunning head of hair that everyone around me believed was my own. She ensured I understood everything that she was going to do and why that course of action was the best for the health of my hair. From the first meeting her priority was me and making sure my self-esteem was raised and I felt reassured that things would improve with the increased health of my hair. I was also impressed with her extreme expertise and knowledge in using systems of hair integration that I didn’t know were possible. Her attention to detail and skills were far superior to any I had encountered before. Her passion for what she does and her care of her clients makes her stand above the rest. She doesn’t just want you to look good she wants to ensure that you feel good too, she always visualises the difference it will make emotionally to yourself and those around you. She gives the personal touch every time by remembering conversations we have had about family and what you want to achieve. The compliments began immediately after my first integration topper and my confidence went from strength to strength and instead of wanting to hide in the shadows I became happy to stride out and meet challenges head on. My hair is now a never-ending source of compliments and the beauty for me is that no matter what, my hair will never make me feel anything, but, my best again.
— Angela Sandow
Bianca has been doing my extensions for over 5 years, we have gone through many different methods and have decided that the LA weave is best for my hair. Bianca is a true professional, she has always been reliable and provides a high standard of aftercare advice, the virgin hair that she uses is beautiful and of really good quality. She is committed to her clients and building her business, she is always so friendly and welcoming. Her clients are very loyal to her and I know that I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. I am delighted to hear that she is up for award and really think she deserves recognition for her amazing work.
— Lindsay Ward
As a Jamaican woman back in the 70’s it was the fashion to have the massive Afro’s, however me being me I wanted to have poker straight hair and that’s when my hair journey began. Chemical hair straightening was very new on the market and stupidly went to get my hair straightened. The chemicals at the time was far to strong and burnt my hair follicles mainly in the middle of my scalp. Due to this I had lost my hair which resulted in me having to wear wigs for the best part of 40 years. My daughter has been going to Bianca for years, and had spoken to her about my hair. I have never had the confidence to show anyone my head as I’ve been embarrassed of it for so long. With lots of persuasion I finally went to meet Bianca thinking we was just going to have a consultation, she had surprised me and said that I was going to have a full integration fitted there and then. Due to Bianca warm and welcoming personality she put me at ease and within time I had built up the courage to remove my wig in front of her, Bianca reassured me that this was my time slot no one would walk in and I wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed or have to hide. Once my integration had been fitted I cried as for so long I felt ugly and she made me feel beautiful. It was so lovely that I could walk outside on a windy day and not to wear a hat as I would worry about my wig blowing off. Because of this I’m am truly great full to Bianca and there aren’t enough words to express how thankful I really am.
— Naomi Gallagher
Hi Bianca, first day back at work following the Christmas break and I just wanted to tell you that I had so many genuine positive comments about my hair. People were completely amazed and couldn’t stop saying how lovely it is. Thank you again for your incredible work. X Thank you.
— Angela Sandow
Bianca and her colourist Vicki are so lovely and the work they do is flawless. ★★★★★
— Jennifer Cronin
I have suffered with my hair for a number of years now due to health problems. Losing my hair had become a everyday battle for me, where my self-esteem had fallen down along with my confidence. I then had met Bianca, internet to look for somebody who does hair extension but somebody who I can trust totally with my hair and not just the money. Bianca did so well looking after my hair also advice me what to do too look after my hair. She would especially go to the cash and carry to get me hair oils that would help my help. Bianca is now qualified in the integration method. I was her first client as she knew how much my hair was still upsetting me from the top of my scalp. And now I’m so in love with my new hair. It’s not just about my hair it’s about my confidence and self esteem that has be built up again. And all the thanks to Bianca. It looks so natural and feels natural And it is all mine.
— Geeta Midda
Hi my name is Naomi, I would personally class my hair as a mixed race texture as it’s not fully Afro. I previously used to travel to Brixton every 6 to 8 weeks to have a classic style of wave as I either got turned away from my local salons or was quoted ridiculous prices, such as nearly £1000. I was recommended to Bianca about six years ago now, she was extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable as in the past I felt uncomfortable due to having Afro hair and made it clear that we would work together to find the best method for me.

Throughout the years I have always gone back to Bianca as I’ve made the mistake, in the past to stupidly fine someone cheaper and their work has not lived up to Bianca’s standards.

I’m currently wearing virgin hair and has been using it for nearly 2 years now having it installed in a LuLush weave method.

Bianca is an amazing extensionist and due to have a kind heart and giving nature she’s also become a friend of mine 😘
— Naomi
2 years ago I had my hair extensions put in while I was pregnant with Darcie-Mae. The hair was excellent, lasted me 10 months and probably could have lasted me longer if I kept them in. I am pregnant again and had my extensions put back in and I love them. I missed having long, thick, naturally looking hair! Having hair extensions put in takes time, and having them done by Bianca makes the time fly, as she is such an outgoing person. You can talk to her about anything and have a good laugh, she’s someone you can go to and get things off your chest and be pampered and feel really relaxed in the environment of her own loving home! I really do recommend Bianca and it’s true what they say, you pay for what you get and if you want the lush long thick hair then pay for B to do your hair, but if you want cheap then yes feel free to go order your hair online and gave a miss colour match and thin dragged ends! Client for life here me. and my partner loves my hair 💜💜
— Sally Carpenter