How Much does hair extension fitting cost?

I offer a free 15 minute consultation before installation to discuss methods of install and grade of hair that will be suitable for you. During your consultation you will be able to feel the texture and quality of my virgin hair, and see the many colours available.



Yes. I require a 20% deposit for all installation and maintenance appointments, and the remainder of the quote paid on the day of your appointment upon arrival.


How long are installation appointments?

These can vary depending on the method of install. I will let you know how long your appointment will be when I give you your official quote.


How long are maintenance appointments?

These can vary depending on the method of install. I will let you know how long your appointment will be based on your requirements. If you appointment goes over the allocated time, addition costs we be required before continuing.


Do I Need to wash my hair before my appointment?

Yes. It is becoming more and more frequent that clients are coming to me on the day of fitting, refit or maintenance without washing their hair on the morning or night before appointment. It is so important that your hair is 100% squeaky clean for fitting extensions onto your natural hair. If your hair has even a little bit of oil on the natural root the extensions will not adhere to your hair which will cause the extensions to slip. I advise that a clarifying shampoo must be used twice to prep the hair and bonds ready for your appointment. NO conditioner should EVER be used on your bonds! This applies for all refits and maintenance as I still re-apply the bond to the root of your natural hair. I do not have extra time to wash and blow dry your hair before fitting, as I may have other appointments booked on the day. Unfortunately if I find your hair too oily and I think that it may cause problems in the future with the extensions, then I will have to reschedule you for the next available appointment.


If I change my mind during or after installation, can i return the product and get a refund?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to return a product once it has been used, therefore I do not offer returns or refunds under any circumstances. Please make sure you are happy with the quality of the product before I start your installation.



Yes. To give you peace of mind I have public liability insurance, just in case.


Why are my hair extensions snapping?

Breakage and snapping can be confused with shedding. Breakage can be a common fault and normally only occurs when too much heat is applied to the hair. Heat causes damage to the protective outer layer of the hair, otherwise known as cuticle. Once the cuticle is damaged the hair will start to snap on the mid lengths and ends of the hair, and this damage cannot be repaired. 


Why has my hair gone dry after my colour?

All permanent tints, some semi permanent tints, bleach, toners, silver shampoos and perm lotions lift the hair cuticle to penetrate the hair shaft. Once the hair has been treated in this way the hair has been altered and therefore is not as strong as it was when I purchased it for you. Any hair that has been treated with a colour is at a risk of over processing due to the fact the extensions have already undergone a chemical process.


WHy do my hair extensions feel dry?

There is no direct supply of natural oil from your scalp to the extensions as there would be with your natural hair. Therefore, it is vital that you treat your hair well with the correct aftercare products. Over use of heated appliances will damage your hair extensions which will result in the hair looking and feeling dry, so a heat protector must be used at all times. Also it has been known that too much heat will change the colour pigment of the hair. It can leave your extensions looking faded and dull. This is very common in blonde hair. 


Why have my hair extensions changed colour?

Chlorine content in water will damage your extensions, causing matting and discolouration. Therefore, it is advised to avoid underwater swimming. Blonde hair can often turn pinky/orange and this damage cannot be repaired. UV rays and sun beds can also effect the colour of your extensions. I advise wearing protective caps in UV rays. Iron contact in water varies depending upon where you live in certain areas.


Why are my hair extensions matting?

Matting is a result of damage to the cuticle. For example, if the hair has been damaged by heat, the cuticles will become damaged and rub together which causes matting. The use of incorrect brushes, or not washing or brushing the extensions often enough can also lead to matting. Regular brushing will keep your extensions to the best condition and prevent matting. This is also why I advise plaiting your hair for bed. 


Why DO my hair extensions look like dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks do not just suddenly appear. They happen over a period of time due to neglect and poor aftercare. Brushing the hair extensions before washing, and blowdrying immediately after can help prevent this. Get into a night time routine taking an extra 5 minutes at night to sections of your hair and make sure all knots are out before braiding your hair for bed. Regular maintenance appointments should be kept.


How long will my hair extensions last?

I cannot guarantee a lifespan on your hair extensions due to it being a NATURAL product. The lifespan will ultimately depend on how you care for your hair extensions. I do not recommend silver shampoos or excessive use of toners as they can damage the cuticle which will also affect the lifespan of your hair. The same goes for dying your extensions, NEVER lighten the extensions. Light blonde coloured hair extensions will have a shorter life span due to the bleach content. Lighter shades will require more care and less heat. Be sure to take care of your hair extensions better than you would your own natural hair, your extensions do not have natural oils conditioning the cuticle. Avoid using too much heat as this will reduce the lifespan as well. 


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Strictly AVOID salt water. It can discolour hair and leaver your hair very dry! 

Chlorine in water WILL damage your hair extensions. It can cause discolouring and matting. So please avoid swimming underwater. 

UV rays will also discolour hair extensions. I advise you wear a hat in the sun and a cap in sunbeds. If this isn't possible for some reason, please ask me about a UV protection spray. 

Tongs, hair irons and heated rollers can be used on your extensions. However it is not advisable to use them too much as this will cause your hair to dry out, cause breaking and snapping. 



Shampoo and condition your extensions with a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Let the conditioner sit and soak into your hair before rinsing. Never put conditioner on the root area, and rinse thoroughly to avoid build up. Always use an argon serum on wet and dry hair. Keep your hair extensions protected from ALL heat appliances! Use conditioning masks once a week or once every 2 weeks. Brush your hair so it is free of knots before washing your hair extensions. 

Remember your extensions are attached to your own natural hair. Always start brushing them from the bottom and work your way to the top. Ensure you use an extension brush. 

Never sleep with your hair wet! Always make sure you fully dry your hair extensions to avoid the bonds going soft, or matting of the hair. When sleeping, braid your extensions to avoid tangling and to stop the cuticles rubbing together.