Natural Hair Shed

My clients hair was fitted 6 weeks ago. During that time, shed hair from the scalp, as hair shedding is a natural process, we lose 50-100 single hair a day average, clients shed hair has been trapped whit in the micro rings and has been unable to fall…after 6 weeks obviously there’s an accumulation of dead shed hair…….this is completely and utterly normal But if you don’t follow regular maintenance the head shed is a lot worse. The reason for regular maintenance is so we can reposition your sections allowing the other hairs to be free.


If you would like to learn more about maintenances and hair growth book a course with in our academy  

Waves for days, for this mermaid.

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Tailored Clip On Hair Topper

I have designed and create bespoke fully custom-made clip on topper.

Measuring 7 half by 6 half inches, using my very best European Virgin hair.

My hair toppers can be any base size; handmade or machine made. Monofilament, silk or French top options are available including your desired density, length and human hair type.

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