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About My European & Russian Virgin Hair Extensions

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About My Hair

With such high quality virgin hair available to buy in my shop, I get asked many times where I source my virgin hair from. With a little geography help from my supplier, you can now read about where my virgin hair donors originate from.

Geography Lesson

Turkey is a country that has a very unique geographical location. Roughly 97% of Turkey lies in Anatolia (the Asian portion of Turkey) and the remaining 3% lies in Europe. The European portion of Turkey is known as Thrace, and Istanbul is the largest city of Thrace and Turkey. Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on two continents: Europe and Asia. When my supplier travels to Turkey they arrive on the European side and cross the bridge to the Asian side of Istanbul where they meet their donors. Their donors come from all over Turkey both from the European and Asian parts.

Other than Turkey my supplier also has donors coming from Turkey’s neighbouring Balkan countries; a geographical area located in South Eastern Europe (for example Bulgaria, Romania etc). In regards to Asia my supplier has donors coming from Central Asia such Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia ,which is a country both in Central Asia and East Asia.

Points To Note:

  • Russia is also somewhat split between Europe and Asia. Culturally and politically Russia is more European but geographical it is more Asian.

  • Vietnam is a country in South East Asia (people from this region of the world are usually categorised as oriental asians) China is also in this category.

  • Balkan countries is very similar to Slavic countries, but just narrower in terms of countries since it only focuses on South East Europe. Slavic countries are more broad and includes more countries such as Russia.

  • Slavic is not an actual country but it’s just a term used for a certain region of Europe which is practically all the countries in the East of Europe like Russia etc.

  • Mediterranean region of Europe are all the countries that border with the Mediterranean Sea. There are 21 countries that are on the Mediterranean Sea, however even though they are geographical considered Mediterranean culturally, not all the countries have the Mediterranean culture. For example South of Spain and Italy are Mediterranean geographically and also have that culture.