About Me

My name is Bianca, I’m here to tell you how I got the passion for hair. 

Many years ago I unravelled the sad truth about hair extensions through my own experience of sitting in the salon chair having all too often very poor quality hair fitted. I found myself constantly asking where I was going wrong as I struggled to keep my hair looking like new - I like many would ask why? With no one wanting to give me the answers I was left feeling it was always me doing something wrong. 

From a young child I always had short hair as I got older my hair grew very slow so you can imagine having my long extensions fitted had become a way of life for me as it gave me confidence.

I had to find a solution as the cost of buying hair and fitting was spiralling and I quickly learned by paying cheap in the long run it cost me more. I went to a salon in London for a consultation where I was handed a virgin braid, I closed my eyes and felt this beautiful  naturally wave. The silky texture running threw my fingers, so pure, and somewhat exhilarating. I left the salon with a lump in my throat there was no way I could ever afford this human hair. I told myself one day I will offer hair extensions and I will make sure it would be affordable. I wanted to be one of the best virgin remy suppliers based in Kent.

This hair was my dream come true I wanted to make it a reality. “I wanted to make my dream come true!” And that’s what I did!! I found a solution.. I paved the way to start up my own business. 

My passion for hair grew stronger and stronger and as the years went on I researched and sourced out my own product spending thousands of pounds on product testing meeting with suppliers and broadening my knowledge.

In 2010 I established a long-term relationship with one of the very best human hair collectors in the world. I have built a strong partnership and moulded my business with a strong client base.

Working along side me I have a highly skilled team working tirelessly hand crafting in our in-house saloon offering you truly bespoke, high quality double drawn hair with no job too big or too small. 

To keep everything in tip top condition I periodically personally  travel overseas to sample and collect the hair and meet my collective donors. My hair origin is largely of Italian, Spanish and Turkey origin. 

Your welcome to come and meet me and touch my hair as I am a proud wearer of my own product of “Bianca’s Virgin hair extensions.” Welcome to my world,

Bianca Di Mascio

Bianca De Mascio